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Hi friends, in this post, I will tell you all the details about Jio DTH set top box launch date and price and also I will discuss about all the fraud and scams available in the market showing a fake Reliance Jio DTH set top box. Many YouTube Videos and Misleading pictures in the Internet or showing that Jio DTH box has been launched and you can book it from some website for a specific amount of rupees. So are those images are correct and those information you are getting from other YouTube videos and online blogs are genuine enough to be trust on? If not, then why others are promoting such things online? I will also highlight the Official Launch date of Jio DTH and How you can be Confirm that which is the Official Offer of Jio DTH Connection.

JIO Set top Box

So firstly, I will tell about those set top boxes that are selling in offline stores saying that these are all Original Jio DTH Set top box. So are those boxes are actually from Jio and is Jio already launched the Set Top box of Jio DTH? How you can confirm that these are the Official Jio DTH Set Top Box?

 Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer: Rs. 251 to Get 102GB Data for 51 Days under IPL 2018 Pack
So let’s discuss on this topic of our post which is the originality of the Jio DTH set top boxes that are being sold in Offline stores. Let me tell you that these set top boxes that you might have been seen in many YouTube Videos are not original. These products are from a Different brands but are they are selling their products using Jio’s Logo and telling you that this is the Official Set top box of Jio. These Set Top boxes will not charge you a single penny after you buy this… so do you know why? Because all these set top boxes have no customer card inserted into it and is providing you the Free Dish Connection which is Offered by Indian Government to Watch the Free TV Channels in India. So these set top boxes will not provide you any paid channels to watch and you can only watch the free channels that can be seen in these set top boxes. So these are only Fake Jio DTH Set top boxes.

Jio DTH STB India

I have seen many people are so happy after buying all these set top boxes which is priced around Rs. 1500 to 2000. But if you want to use Free Dish Channels then you can get a connection of Free Dish Channels for only 200 to 300 in their officials brand set top box. So I will suggest you not to buy this duplicate set top boxes from Jio that are being sold in Offline right now.

Now the most important question and probably the million dollar question is When the Jio DTH set top box will be launched? So there is no official announcement about the launch of Jio set top box. But for sure, when it will be launched, you will get the information and the date and the price of Jio set top box in Jio’s Official Website. I will also try to tell you about the actual Launch Date of Jio set top box even before it will be Live in Jio Official Website. But for that you need to visit us regularly and we can help you to get know that when Jio set top box will be launched and what will be the Price of Jio set top boxes. At the bottom, you can leave your name and mobile number if you want to get regular updates on Jio DTH Set top box and if there is any news about the Launching of Jio set top box and when the booking process will be opened then you will get a Email from us to your Email ID containing the Booking Link of Jio set top box. I have also discussed about the Expected Price and Plans of Jio DTH Set top box. Please remember that the official packages of Jio DTH has not been released so these packages in our website is totally based on the expectation and the official package price can be somewhat different but moreover it will be similar like the DTH Plans of Jio, we have mentioned in our blog.

Jio DTH Plans

Good News to all the Jio Lovers here. Today Reliance Jio Official Released the SET TOP Box of Reliance Jio. You can See the Images of the New Jio Set Top Box. After getting Huge Success on Jio’s Telecom 4G Network Connection & also the kind of Response Reliance Jio has got after the Launch of Jio Feature Phone of Rs. 1500/- is totally Unbelievable. You can Check out the Details of Jio Phone from here.

When JIO DTH will Launch?
Expected Date of Launch, Jio DTH:
JIO DTH Set Top box Details:
JIO DTH Booking System Details:
Reliance Jio Booking or Registration Now:
How Competitors Service after JIO DTH Launch?
Jio DTH Plans & Packages Details (Leaked, Not Officially Released Yet)
Additional info on JIO DTH:
But now as expected, Jio has came up with their new Product which is Jio DTH Set top Box. Everyone is eagerly waiting to Jio DTH Connection Launch. So let me tell you that Jio has not Officially Launched the Jio DTH Set Top Box, but the Images Proves that Jio’s DTH Project is almost done.

Jio DTH Set Top Box
Jio DTH Set Top Box
Just like the other parts on Jio Phone, Jio Giga Fiber you know that the First Step is to Beta Testing the Products for atleast 3 Months. We have mentioned in Our Jio Giga Broadband Section How Jio use to Offer Beta Testing to it’s Customers. Like Jio Broadband & Jio Phone, this New Product of Jio DTH also has to gone through the Beta Testing Mode.

When JIO DTH will Launch?
Actually in Beta Testing, Real Consumers like you and me got chance to use Jio’s Latest Products for 3 Months even before that Product’s Launch Officially. In this Case, Jio will Offer Beta Testers to use their JIO DTH Connection for 3 Months for Free of Cost. After 3 Months, If the Beta Testers didn’t complain any issue then Jio CEO Mukesh Ambani will Launch the Product. Else the Product again go into the Hand of Jio Engineers and they will work on it further so the issue has been resolved.

Expected Date of Launch, Jio DTH:
As per the News are Coming that Reliance might Launch the Jio DTH Connection with JIO Set Top Box and Jio Satellite on Diwali this year. But as I’ve gave detail on the above paragraphs, If the Beta Testers Complain about some serious Bug or Glitch in the Jio DTH Connection then Maybe it will be tough to Launch the Jio DTH Service within Diwali this year. So just pray that the Beta Testing Period should go without any major issues.

Jio is all set to Launch it’s Broadband Project up next as the Beta Testing Process is also Completed. There are so many peoples in India including me waiting for the Jio Broadband Service which is the Highest Speed Broadband in India. But let me tell you, From some sources said, Jio has delayed it’s Broadband launch as it’s facing some Clearance Issue with Govt. So Jio now more Focusing on the Jio Set Top Box Launch. If the Speculation got right then this Diwali, Reliance Jio will Gift us the New Jio DTH Connection.

JIO DTH Set Top box Details:
As the news are coming, Jio’s DTH Connection will be very much Cheap comparing with the Other DTH Providers available in Market Right Now. So DTH Providers might get a Serious Headque after JIO DTH Launch. As the Reports saying JIO will be Offer 3 Months Free DTH Usage to all it’s Customers. JIO Set Top Box will be Full-HD So you don’t need to have any Compromise with the Quality of the Video. If you have a HD TV, Then you can Play High Defination Channels through Jio DTH Connection.

Jio DTH Set Top Box
Jio DTH Set Top Box
Not Only that, You would not believe that Jio will Offer the HD Channel Packages at a Cost of Standard Definition Packages. So after your JIO DTH Preview Offer for Free Connection of High Definition Channels on JIO DTH Set Top Box, you can still enjoy the Service for an Affordable monthly Cost of any Standard Definition Package.

JIO DTH Booking System Details:
Reliance Jio will again Go with the Booking System for their DTH Service also. Means after the Launch of JIO DTH Connection, you need to book the DTH Connection of Jio from Online. Only after that you can Get a JIO DTH Connection in your Home. There’s a Good News for you. I’ve already mentioned that Reliance Jio will Offer you 3 Month Free Access of all the Channels with 50 Major HD Channels against the JIO DTH Preview Offer. But you’ll get Surprised to know that the Jio DTH Set Top Machine will also be Free just like the Jio Phone which is launched on 27th of July this Year. You need to pay a one time fee of Rs. 1000 for the Installation Charges and that’s it. You need not to pay anything for the JIO DTH Set Top Box. Isn’t it again a Mind Boggling Offer by Jio.

Reliance Jio Booking or Registration Now:


Mobile Number(required)


How Competitors Service after JIO DTH Launch?
I’m Guessing Other DTH Companies will get some hard time in Future. Like After the Launch of JIO 4G Network, Other Telecom Operators are like Jobless now. They are bringing new and new Offers Daily to Attract People but Still unable to get any.

Jio DTH Plans & Packages Details (Leaked, Not Officially Released Yet)
Package 1 Month Price 3 Months Price 6 Months Price 12 Months Price
Jio DTH Bronze Package 180 520 990 1999
Jio DTH Silver Package 195 550 1020 2099
Jio DTH Silver Plus Package 210 570 1040 2180
Jio DTH Gold Package 225 590 1060 2250
Jio DTH Diamond Package 235 610 1085 2290
Jio DTH Platinum Package 240 635 1110 2330
Jio DTH Gold Package 250 650 1130 2350
Additional info on JIO DTH:
As per the News Coming, in this Set Top Box, you will also get a Satellite to be Placed on your Roof. The Jio Set Top Box will have a HDMI Connection, USB Port, Sound Output Ports & Audio-Video Jacks so that there’s no Options left. Jio will Offer you all the Major Channels with 50 HD Channels in their Package. And as I have said the Package will be very very Cheap so that everyone can afford to have a Jio DTH Connection. The Channel Package will be Starting from Rs. 180/- Only. Though there is no Clear Confirmation Yet on this.

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